Company Profile: Pair

Andrew Kemendo, CEO
Angel Fund

Pair was conceived in 2011, when the Founder and CEO, Andrew Kemendo saw the need for better visualization and coordination of Computer Aided Drafts. While managing a $600k renovation and construction project for the Air Force, Andrew found that he had to take too much time to visualize the design and clarify his intentions to the contracting and architectural build team. Augmented Reality was just hitting the market and, having previously worked with both software development and 3D Modeling, Andrew knew there must be a way to combine the tools for Augmented Reality with the tools for CAD drawings.

After building a rough prototype and consulting with architects and construction engineers, Andrew hit the ground to build a team around Pair. What he found were two of the smartest , most hardworking and dedicated people to build the future of A/E/C visualization and collaboration.

From the CEO...

Woodside O’Brien is one of the few investors on the east coast who has the guts to invest in true technology companies in the very early seed stage. As a result of their boldness, they will dominate their verticals rather than be another milquetoast fund. Woodside O’Brien has been invaluable not only as a mentor and partner but as a critical source of feedback for how we manage our strategy in the market – all without being overbearing. That’s about the best you can ask for and we are lucky to have them on-board.