Woodside O’Brien invests in exceptional entrepreneurs who commercialize big ideas that matter – ideas that reimagine our world as more efficient, clear and connected. We amplify each portfolio company’s growth by engaging our investors and their trusted networks to deliver expert advice and valuable connections.

Woodside O’Brien’s founders – Brad, Brandon and Scott – originally built Woodside O’Brien to invest their own money. Today, their capital investment accounts for over 80% of our assets under management. Their investing style values personal connections and shared risk.

Woodside O’Brien currently offers select accredited investors a pledge fund comprised of disruptive technology companies poised for explosive growth.  Several of their portfolio companies are founded and led by U.S. service academy graduates.


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Brad Bloodworth

Cofounder and Managing Partner

Brad is a professional investor, business advisor and attorney. He strategically directs and operates Woodside O’Brien, and actively directs or advises all of our portfolio companies. Brad holds engineering degrees from the United States Military Academy at West Point and the Johns Hopkins University, and a law degree from the University of Baltimore. Brad served in the United States Army as an Airborne and Ranger qualified Infantry officer and a JAG officer. His background includes practicing securities and corporate governance litigation with the Paul Hastings and DLA Piper law firms.

Brandon Bloodworth

Cofounder and Partner

Brandon is a proven entrepreneur and investor, with over 15 years of successful start-up and middle market experience. His accomplishments as Co-founder and Partner of Barbaricum, a two-time Inc. 500 company, prompted Ernst and Young to recognize him as an Entrepreneur of the Year finalist in both 2014 and 2015. Brandon harnesses his experience to strategically direct Woodside O’Brien and actively advise several of our portfolio companies. He holds an engineering management degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point and an MBA in finance from the Johns Hopkins University. He served in the United States Army as an Airborne and Ranger qualified Infantry Officer.

Scott Feldmayer

Cofounder and Partner

Scott oversees business development, finance and management for Barbaricum, a two-time Inc. 500 company. He strategically directs Woodside O’Brien and actively advises several of our portfolio companies. Scott holds a finance degree from the University of Colorado and has completed executive education in innovation at Harvard. Scott served in the United States Army as an Airborne and Ranger qualified Infantry Officer and is an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran. His background includes helping to create and grow five media-related startups.


Woodside O'Brien invests in disruptive technology companies
that bring efficency, clarity and connectivity to their markets.


Woodside O’Brien’s portfolio companies develop technology that simplifies and streamlines how we live and work. Our companies recapture scarce resources like time and money. They help your physician quickly detect cancer and your small business afford a world-class telecommunications system.


Woodside O’Brien’s portfolio companies innovate new ways to identify and present meaningful information. Our companies analyze and democratize vast amounts of complex, unstructured data. They enable intelligence agencies to pinpoint terrorists and commuters to smartly navigate rush hour.


Woodside O’Brien’s portfolio companies develop technology that unifies people and devices. Our companies empower and secure meaningful communications. They remotely monitor safety systems at the airport and encrypt your bank’s mobile messages.


Woodside O’Brien mines our sophisticated and trusted network to identify the most promising start-up companies. We cultivate relationships with emerging entrepreneurs before others meet them.

We advise and assists each portfolio company with operations, business development, recruiting and financing. Woodside O’Brien’s experience and networks solve problems before they occur. We back the growth of our portfolio companies with follow-on funding.

Woodside O’Brien actively engages our investors in advancing our portfolio companies. We employ a proprietary analytics tool to identify and leverage obscure connections between our investors and our entrepreneurs. Our investors contribute to the success of our portfolio companies and share in the excitement of entrepreneurship in the process.



Woodside O’Brien believes that significant personal investment, uncompromising integrity and full transparency elevate idea-based early stage investing.

Capital investment from our partners accounts for over 90% of our assets under management and will always account for over 20%. They have more skin in the game than any of our investors. Woodside O’Brien built years of relationships and only invests with people who we know personally and who share our vision of integrity and ethics.

Woodside O’Brien fully informs our investors about our fund and each portfolio company. Our transparency reveals our intense commitment to the success of our entrepreneurs and thus our investors.

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